Workshop (25/10/2018)

Workshop Date: 25th October 2018 (Thursday)

Workshop Timings: 9am to 4pm

Head & Neck Cadaver Dissection Workshop

18th Annual Meeting of FHNO
Preconference–Head Neck Cadaver Dissection Workshop
25thOctober 2018
Venue: Anatomy Dissection Hall, IPGMER & SSKM Hospital,Kolkata
Course Directors:
Dr ArunabhaSengupta, Dr MadanKapre, Dr PankajChaturvedi, Dr Aniruddha Dam





08.30 – 09.00



09.10-09.20 Video – Neck Dissection Akshat Mallik
09.20-09.30 Video -Total laryngectomy Aseem Mishra
09.30-12.00 Cadaveric Dissection for Neck Dissection and Total Laryngectomy modules Proctors – Lt.ColPankajSahu,Purvi Patel,Lt Col.SheetalRaina ,KapilaManikantan, Mahendr Singh Hada,SagarVaishyampayan , AbhishekVaidya, PrashantPawar, RakeshKatna, Kannan S, SomeshMozumder, Aseem Mishra, AkshatMallik, NeetiKapre Gupta, Bikramjeet Singh, Harsh Dhar, RathanShetty, Dr.Phub Tshering .
12.00-12.30 Lunch Break  
12.30-12.40 Video -Hemimadibulectomy Purvi Patel
12.40-12.50 Video-Glossectomy -Wide excision (Principles of Wide excision /Hemiglossectomy and Total glossectomy )

Lt Col PankajSahu

12.50 -16.00 CadavericDissection for Hemimandibulectomy and Glossectomy modules Proctors – Lt.ColPankajSahu, Purvi Patel, Lt Col.SheetalRaina, KapilaManikantan, Mahendr Singh Hada, SagarVaishyampayan, AbhishekVaidya, PrashantPawar, RakeshKatna, Kannan S, SomeshMozumder, Aseem Mishra, AkshatMallik, NeetiKapre Gupta, Bikramjeet Singh, Harsh Dhar, RathanShetty, Dr. Phub Tshering .

Pre-FHNO Conference - NACT Workshop

Pre-FHNO Conference – NACT Workshop

Date / Time – 25/10/18, 9:30 AM – 4 PM.
Venue – Auditorium, 5th floor, CNCI
Course Director– Dr Kumar Prabhash

Course Coordinators – Dr Kalyan Mukherjee, Dr Vivek Agarwala

9:45 – Inauguration of the Workshop and Welcome address – Director, CNCI – Dr Jayanta Chakrabarti

Time in minutes Topic Speaker Learning objectives
Selecting a case for NACT : : 60 min

Chairpersons – Dr Kumar Prabhash, Dr Jayanta Chakrabarti

12+3 10:00 Indications of NACT Dr Kumar Prabhash, Professor – Med.
Oncology, TMH, Mumbai
  1. How to select a case for organ preservation
  2. Need for organ preservation
  3. Criteria for borderline resectable disease
  4. Difficulties in doing surgery upfront in borderline resectable disease
  5. Imaging and clinical features indicating increase chances of surgery in borderline resectable disease
  6. Final Conclusion – Site wise – When to consider NACT and when not.


Referring for NACT- Surgeon’s call Dr Chandrashekar Dravid, Asst. Prof – H&N Oncosurgery, HBCI, Vizag
  1. When and When not – from a Surgeon’s view.
  2. Patient factors and perspectives
  3. Real world practice


Fitness work up for neoadjuvant chemotherapy: How I do it Dr. Joydeep Ghosh, Consultant – Medical Oncology, TMC, Kolkata
  1. Importance of clinical Features: age, ECOG PS and comorbidities
  2. Which blood test and what I do with them
  3. Need for cardiac evaluation
  4. Need for audiology evaluation
  5. Financial and compliance assessment
  6. Need for fresh imaging and clinical photographs


DYPD mutation in head and neck cancer Dr.Anuradha Chougule, Asso. Prof
– Molecular Oncology, TMH, Mumbai
  1. Incidence
  2. How we detect
  3. Types and clinical significance




Need for PICC / Chemo-port Dr SS Alulkar, Director – Medical Oncology, Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad
  1. PICC vs Port
  2. Why we need it?
  3. How we insert it?
  4. Complications during insertion?
  5. Care of PICC / Port?
  6. When do we remove it?
Administration of NACT : 60 min

Chairpersons – Dr Amit Dutt Dwary , Dr Kalyan Mukherjee



Selection of appropriate regimen Dr Kumar Prabhash, Professor – Med.
Oncology, TMH, Mumbai
  1. 2 drugs versus 3 drugs
  2. Carboplatin versus c is platinum
  3. Cetuximab
  4. Immunotherapy
  5. Modifications in comorbidities: uncontrolled diabetes,
    previous myocardial infarction,
    ongoing tuberculosis and renal dysfunction


Administration and delivery of TPF or DCF: How I do it Dr Chandrakanth MV, Consultant – Medical Oncology, NSH, Kolkata
  1. Need for admission
  2. Need for antiemetics
  3. Need for growth factors
  4. Need for hydration
  5. Need for close monitoring
  6. Need for TPN
  7. Care in management of febrile neutropenia


Focus toxicity : How do I manage a coronary spasm Dr Amit Joshi, Professor – Med.
Oncology, TMH, Mumbai
  1. Who is at risk?
  2. How to identify?
  3. How to mange?
  4. What to do in next cycle?


Focus toxicity : How do I manage enterocolitis Dr Vivek Agarwala, Consultant – Medical Oncology, NSH, Kolkata
  1. Who is at risk?
  2. How to identify?
  3. How to manage?
  4. What to do in next cycle?
Response to NACT and selection of further treatment : 30 min

Chairpersons – Dr Tapas Maji , Dr Sidhartha Basu



Clinical response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy Dr Vijay Patil, Asso Professor – Med. Oncology, TMH, Mumbai
  1. How to identify it
  2. How early it is seen
  3. Its importance
  4. Treatment guidance with clinical response
  5. Accelerated repopulation




Radiological response assessment to neoadjuvant Dr Abhishek Mahajan, Asso Professor – Radiology, TMH, Mumbai
  1. RECIST version 1.1
  2. Difficulties in assessment of response
  3. What clinicians want to know ?
  4. Where to look for it?


Selecting a case for surgery post NACT : what I look at? Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, Professor – H&N Oncosurgery, TMH, Mumbai
  1. Importance of clinical decrease
  2. Importance of radiological decrease
  3. Reconstruction viability
  4. Fitness of the patient
Surgery post neoadjuvant chemotherapy : : 20 minutes

Chairpersons – Dr Saradindu Ghosh, Dr VP Singh


12: 30

Issues in surgical resection post neoadjuvant chemotherapy Dr Pooja Pal, Asso. Prof,H&N Oncosurgery, SGRDIMS, Amritsar
  1. Resection volume
  2. Margin
  3. Reconstruction


Post surgery complications : are they different post NACT and upfront Dr Daxesh Patel, Consultant- H&N Oncosurgery, HCG, Ahmedabad
  1. Wound related complications
  2. Medical complications
Radiation post neoadjuvant chemotherapy : 20 minutes

Chairpersons – Dr Gautam Bhattacharjee, Dr Asit Ranjan Deb


Issues in radiation post NACT: : How different it is from upfront? Dr Ayan Basu, Consultant, Radiation Oncology, HCG, Kolkata
  1. Volumes
    1. Adjuvant
    2. Radical
  2. Dose
  3. Compliance
  4. Toxicity


Issues in concurrent chemotherapy post NACT : How different it is from upfront? Dr Vijay Patil, Asso. Professor – Medical Oncology, TMH, Mumbai
  1. Selection of agent
  2. Compliance
  3. Tolerance
  4. Adverse events

1:15 LUNCH BREAK (45 mins)


Supportive care and Rehabilitation : 30min

Chairpersons – Dr Sibashish Bhattacharjee , Dr Madhuchanda Kar

8+2 Pain control Dr Arghya Mukherjee, 1. Causes of pain
    Consultant – Pain 2. Analgesics – Does the ladder matter
2:00   Management, NSH, 3. Precautions and interactions
    Kolkata 4. Pre-Op, Post Op, During RT.
      5. Blocks – How, Where and When?
      6. Ancillary methods / modulation – Are they
8+2 Speech, Dr Vidyadharan, Asso. 1. How to evaluate?
  Swallowing and Prof, H&N Oncosurgery, 2. Which Test?
2:10 Aspiration Amrita Institute, Kochi 3. What frequency?
      4. Corrective measures
8+2 Long term Dr Anjana Joel, Asst. 1. Is this real?
  Medical Prof, Medical Oncology, 2. What to look for?
2:20 complications CMC, Vellore 3. How to look for?
      4. When to look for them?
      5. Can they be prevented?
      6. Life style adjustment
Panel Discussion : 1 hour
60 min Moderator : Dr Panelist :
  Kumar Prabhash, 4 Surgeons – Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, Dr Vivekanand Singh, Dr Swagnik
2:30 Professor – Med. Chakraborty, Dr Arun P
  Oncology, TMH, 4 Medical Oncologists – Dr Amit Dutt Dwary, Dr Rakesh Roy, Dr Anwesh
  Mumbai Rathore, Dr Swarnabindu Bannerjee
    4 Radiation Oncologists –Dr Tanveer Shahid, Dr Abhishek Basu, Dr Sayan
    Kundu, Dr Tejas Pandya
    1 radiologist- Dr Abhishek Mahajan
    1 nuclear medicine – Dr Punit Sharma
    1 Speech and swallowing – Dr Vidyadharan
10 Dr Kalyan Key Take Home messages and Closing Remarks
mins Mukherjee, HOD  
  – Medical  
3:30 Oncology, CNCI,  

Radiotherapy Workshop


Course Director: Prof. Ashwini Buddrukar, Dr. Suman Mallik
Course Co-ordinator: Dr. Sayan Das





Topic (15 min + 5 min for QA)


10.00 – 10.20

Conformal RT in HNSCC Dr. Jyotirup Goswami

10.20 – 10.40

Radiological Anatomy Dr. Arif Faizan

10.40 – 11.00

Principles of Target Volume Delineation Dr. Sandeep Jain

11.00 – 11.20

Contouring OARs – tips and tricks Dr. Dodul Mondol

11.20 – 11.40

Conformal RT Planning: Physicist’s perspective Dr. Bipasha Pal

11.40 – 12.00

How to evaluate a plan: Clinician’s perspective Dr. Sandeep Jain



12.00 – 13.00



Group A (Around 10-12 participants)  

13.00 – 13.45

RT Simulation and T/t Delivery Dr. Jyotirup Goswami

13.45 – 14.30

T/t Planning Dr. Sandeep Jain

14.30 – 15.30

Contouring Target Volume (NPx, Opx/ Larynx, Post op) Dr. Sandeep Jain

15.30 – 16.00

Contouring OARs Dr. Dodul Mondol


Group B (Around 10-12 participants)

13.00 – 14.00

Contouring Target Volume (NPx, Opx/ Larynx, Post op) Dr. Ranjit Bajpayee

14.00 – 14.30

Contouring OARs Dr. Dodul Mondol

14.30 – 15.15

RT Simulation and T/t Delivery Dr. Jyotirup Goswami

15.15 – 16.00

T/t Planning Dr. Sandeep Jain

Speech & Swallowing Therapy and Rehabilitation


Time Topic Speaker
9-9.30 Registration
9.30-9.45 Talk: Surgical advances in Head & Neck Cancer to optimize functional outcome DrGautamMukhopadhyay
9.45-10.10 Talk: Dysphagia Aspiration Related Structures – Radiation Oncology approach to Optimize function DrSandipSarkar
10.10-10.40 Talk + video demonstration: Acute Dysphagia Rehabilitation in Oral Cancer MsDipanwita Roy
10.40-11.00 Tea break  
11.00-11.30 Talk + video demonstration: Head & Neck Rehabilitation Pathway – Evidence based approach for functional rehabilitation and utility of videofluoroscopy MrBalaji
11.30-12.30 Talk + Video demonstration: Voice Evaluation and Therapy in HNC andSurgical Voice Restoration in Total Laryngectomy Dr Deepak Balasubramanian
12.30 -1.00 Talk: Weaning the feeding tube and tracheostomy tube MrBalaji
1-2 Lunch  
2-2.45 Instruments and live practical demonstration of utility MrBalaji
MsDipanwita Roy
2.45-3.15 Talk+video demonstration: Botox in Head Neck Cancer – Managing Hypertonicity Dr Deepak Balasubramanian
3.15-4.00 Panel discussion on QOL of Head and Neck Cancer Patients Reality vs. Clinician intention Moderator- Amitabh Ray
Panelists- Dr Gautam Mukhopadhyay, Dr Deepak Balasubramanian, Dr Dipanjan Majumder, Mr Arun Balaji, Dr Shilpi Sharma, Dr Lt Col Ali Azad, Ms Dipanwita Roy

TORS & TOUSS in Head & Neck


08.00-08.45 Registration  
08.45 –09.00

Welcome Address

09.00-09.30 Trans Oral surgical anatomy for TORS/TOUSS Dr RajIv Michael
09.30- 15.00 Live Surgery -TOUSS Surgeon : Dr Mario Fernandez
Moderator: Dr Alok Thakar
  Live Surgery -TORS Surgeon : Dr Vinidh Paleri
Moderator: Dr Devendra Chaukar
15.00-16.00 Panel Discussion on Role of TORS/TOUSS in Head Neck Oncology Dr VinidhPaleri , Dr Mario Fernandez , Dr Devendra Chaukar, Dr Alok Thakar, Dr Sukrit Bose , Dr Shaikat Gupta , Dr Shantanu Panja
16.00-17.00 Vote of Thanks followed by
Meet the faculty over Tea

Working lunch will be Provided Between 13.00-14.00