Guidelines for Faculty

Dear Faculty,

At the outset, we would like to thank you for accepting to be the faculty of the combined meeting of IFHNOS World Tour & FHNO 2018 Kolkata and we are confident that your presence and contribution will add immense value to the conference and benefit the audience and our patients.

The Scientific Committees of FHNO 2018 Kolkata are committed to the smooth conduct of the event with a meticulous time keeping as per planned program schedule.

The entire program is displayed on the website for your information and noting the correct time schedules. Our secretariat will be happy to provide any further details or clarification on any aspect pertaining to the individual sessions. On occurrence of any change if the program due to any unforeseen circumstances, we will notify the change to the concerned and display.

IFHNOS World Tour Kolkata & FHNO 2018 Kolkata has evolved guidelines for the conduct of the scientific program and we humbly request all the faculty to adhere to the guidelines for the smooth conduct and keeping up the time schedules of this Head & Neck Oncology Summit.

Information of the program:

Intimations through emails have been sent to all participants. In the event of non-receipt of the invitation due to any reason, program is displayed on the website and we will be happy to any questions. Please contact Scientific Program at

For any assistance regarding your Conference Registration, stay or travel, please get in touch with Soumi Raychaudhuri at +91 8017522153

Time Keeping

Scientific and Organizing Committee of FHNO 2018 Kolkata has taken a policy of keeping up the time schedule of all events. In order to maintain the punctuality, we have enabled a system of ‘time keeping’ for event. We request all the faculty members to take a note and follow them to and cooperate with us to implement the time keeping policy.

  1. The allotted time will be indicated on the screen, laptop in the top right corner for the guidance of the speaker. All faculty members are requested to keep a watch on this space during the presentation. A warning bell will be given two minutes before the time allotted
  2. Final Bell will be rung at the end of your allotted time and the projection will freeze when the time exceeds the allotted time – The slides will freeze when the time is over and a ‘thank you’ slide will appear on the screen.

Presentation Material:

  1. The presentation material of all sessions are required to be handed over at the PREVIEW DESKS in the three halls (Hall A, Hall B & Hall C) and indicate the same to the respective hall coordinator
  2. To ensure correct positioning of the slides, there is a requirement of handing over the slides minimum TWO HOURS PRIOR to the presentation.
  3. PowerPoint presentations are acceptable.
  4. Personal laptops will be permitted only if the same is intimated to the Preview Desks two hours prior to the presentation. Kindly keep your laptop powered and open 15 minutes before your presentation

 Conduct of the Session:

  1. You are requested to report to the hall coordinator at least half an hour prior to the program.
  2. Chairs and Speakers are requested to keep to strictly keep to the allocated time.
  3. The program details will also be provided to you on the table for ready reference with the time schedule.
  4. Once the session is over, questions can be entertained depending upon the availability of time and discretion of the Chairperson.

 As Chair.

Please be brief in your comments at the commencement and during the conduct of the Q & A. More interaction from the audience is to be encouraged.

 As Speaker:

Please adhere to the topic allocated and please keep to time so as to not infringe on the time allocated to subsequent speakers. All 15 minute slots are considered as 12 + 3 mins and 10 minutes slots are 8 + 2 minutes allowing time for discussion.

As Panelist

You are requested to speak only when the moderator prompts for you or allows you to do so. We request all of you to please go through the entire program and understand the extent and purpose of the session, you are involved with.

Faculty Registration:

It is mandatory for all faculty members to be registered at the meeting, and to wear the conference badge at all times. Access to the academic areas shall only be with the conference badge. A separate counter will be available at the registration desk to avoid delay and inconvenience to the faculty.

Faculty Lounge :

FHNO 2018 has taken due measures to make the faculty comfortable during the conference and smooth conduct of the scientific program. Organizing Committee of FHNO 2018 requests you to feel free to communicate any concern. For the comfort of the faculty during the conference a faculty lounge will be available with the facilities of tea and coffee. It is located on the First Floor at venue.